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Atelier is 100% translation and multi-lingual ready, and we recommend that you use the very popular WPML plugin.

Multilingual WordPress


To translate the static strings, if you aren’t using WPML then I recommend downloading PO Edit, from Once you have installed please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the /atelier/languages/ folder and you will find the atelier.pot file, then rename it to your desired language code. For example; for German you need to re-name it as de_DE.po for Spanish es_ES.po for Turkish tr_TR.po etc. You can find all the codes from this link
  2. Then you will need to open the .po file in PO Edit. Once opened, you will see all strings that needs to be translated. Type the translation of a string into the “Translation” column. Do not delete or edit “Original string” part.
  3. When you finish translating, save the file. This will create an .mo file in the same directory.
  4. Upload the new files into the languages folder of the theme /wp-content/themes/atelier/languages/ and then follow this guide:

Using WPML Localisation

If you would prefer to use WPML to translate the theme strings, rather than translating the po file, please see this guide:

Theme Options/String Translation

Anything that doesn’t fall inside posts, pages or taxonomy goes into String Translation. This includes the site’s tagline, general texts in Admin screens, widget titles and many other texts. –

Custom Post Type Translation

All of Atelier’s custom post types are translatable. Please ensure you check the following link to set up translation for those –

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