May 11, 2014 Atelier

Creating A Gallery

To create a gallery, you first need to navigate to Galleries > Add New. Once you’re on the Add New Gallery screen, you will then be able to set a title for the gallery, add your images, and set the page heading options.

Adding a gallery

Displaying list of Galleries

The Galleries asset is the asset you’ll want to use if you are looking to display a selection of your galleries for users to navigate. This asset can display all galleries in various display types such as Masonry, Gallery etc, and also other options such as linking, full width, column counts.

Galleries asset options

Displaying individual Gallery

The Gallery asset is the asset you would want to use if you wanted to display a single gallery in a page. The asset has various display types and options, which can see a selection of the options available on the right.

Gallery asset options