May 10, 2014 Atelier
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Setting the Footer layout

There are various footer layouts that are possible within Atelier. You can choose multiple column layouts, with different splits, or have a single column if you wish. You can choose these options in Theme Options > Footer Options, see screenshot on the right.

Footer Layout Options

Adding Footer Widgets

Once you’ve chosen your desired footer layout, you then will want to add content to it. You add this content by navigating to Appearance > Widgets. There you will find a number of Footer Column widget areas, which correspond to the columns for which you’ve set as your layout.

You can then drag any of the provided widgets to the footer columns, give them titles, organise as you like and customise the settings.

If you’d like to use shortcodes or HTML within the Footer widget area, then you’ll want to use the “Text” widget.

Footer Widget Areas

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